Mounting Huskemaw Optics to Your Firearm

If you have a firearm that will maintain a ONE minute of angle accuracy, a Huskemaw scope will enhance and simplilify your rifles potential. 

Huskemaw 5-30x56 Tactical

Huskemaw 5-20x50 Tactical

Huskemaw 5-20x50 Blue Diamond

Huskemaw 4x40 Crossfield BD

Listed above are a few examples of our most popular models of optic to be mounted to your firearm.

The base price of a scope mount job is $550.00 PLUS Ammunition as needed.

This will cover the cost of:

Rings and bases.

 Lapping the rings.

 Mounting the scope.

 Gathering the data for the turret.

 Submitting the turret data form to have turret created.


Breaking in a new barrel will cost $200.00 PLUS Ammunition. 

Barrel break in will consist of hand lapping the barrel, firinng and cleaning the barrel in correct order.